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October 02, 2011

Due to continued global financial crisis we have decided to lower the price of FastUpload to 25$.


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FastUpload is a project that never ends because people will always need a simple yet smart way of storing files for various purposes.

In this new version of our old UPloader we have added the newest components and Web 2.0 features to make it a strong and flexible product.

With FastUpload, powered by a slim flash uploader and the dynamic form maker you can create an upload site to be proud of and one which conforms to all the latest standards.

Since the systems are just half the site, we have included the possibility to create custom pages and edit them with a rich text editor advanced with display templates and image & video files.


  • Linux or Windows server
  • Apache 2 or newer
  • Mod ReWrite (installed by default on most apache servers)
  • PHP 5 or newer
  • GD2 Library (installed by default within PHP)

Online Demo <- CLICK HERE

      username: admin
      password: pass
      username: user
      password: pass


  • fast flash uploader with progress indicators
  • file extensions restriction
  • high anti-exploit security
  • dynamic upload details form and files form
  • category system built out of form drop down boxes
  • public or private access
  • unlimited custom pages with advanced content editor
  • image thumbs with watermark and/or waterstamp
  • video and audio player
  • storage limit and usage graph
  • user and admin email alerts
  • browse by uploads or by files
  • east TPL template system and styles
    and much more..
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